Casting : Minka Kelly & Jason Dohring

Minka Kelly is going to Washington. The Friday Night Lights star has been tapped as the lead of the CW’s drama pilot Body Politic.

Minka Kelly

She is joined by an alum from another critically praised but low-rated series, Veronica Mars’ Jason Dohring, who also been cast in the pilot.

Kelly will play Hope, an all-American girl who leaves her life in Michigan after the death of her mother and heads to D.C., where her long-lost dad, Sen. Webster (Tim Matheson), has just been appointed Attorney General, and takes a job on his staff.

Dohring will play a reporter with the Washington Post.

(The Hollywood Reporter)


Casting : Tim Matheson

In other CW pilot castings, Tim Matheson has been tapped for the DC-set Body Politic.

Tim Matheson


CBS Par’s “Politic” evolves around young staffers in Washington. Matheson will play a charming, JFK-type senator.

(The Hollywood Reporter)